The goal is to create WEB-sites, where the individual W-personīs ideas are made available to other W-sailors and interested persons.  Therefore making a PORTAL(gate or entrance) to as many W-dinghies as posssible seems an efficient way to do this to achieve the mentioned goal.  On the INDEX-page under "Sub-sites" W-View-Summary you will find all the W-dinghies taking part. The W-nr. is the reference to their individual WEB-site in question.
A spin off advantage could e.g. be reference to a W-dinghy, which is put up for sale, although the intention is not to be an advertisement arrangement, but the color and W-type could be seen. The AIM of the Class Association is to get WAY-FARERs in the highest possible number out on the water, where they truly belong.
The mentioned PORTAL will be a virtual starting point from where it is possible to seek out into the quite big W-World.   
Enjoy your visit