Introduction  where for a start "joller" is the Scandinavian word for dinghies. On this WEB-site you are invited to get your own WEB-sub-site for free, if you are a WAYFARER-owner or a WAYFARER-sail-ing person.  Tell about your W. or anything connected to the use, yours especially, hereof
There are so many aspects of ordinary WAYFARER-ing, and that is really what is wanted here, whereas racing events and results are found on the SWS-WEB-site:   (SWS = Scandinavian WAYFARER Association) together with the official announcements and the itinerary of the Scandinavian WAYFARER YEAR.
In case you are uncertain about handling your material, I am willing to assist with lay-out, pictures and so on. Even damaged or old pictures can quite often be brought to use. Your material will after handling/scanning be returned soonest to you. Please if possible include return envelope and postage. You decide the amount being made available; additions and changes can be made later according to your wish. However only pure and genuine material will be accepted.
Hopefully there shall be no "mail-bombing" with all sort of inferior material.  Please contact me first for more details before the material is send to me, please.
W-WEB-site ESTABLISHED  : Click here 
Changes or updating of the individual WEB-sites can be done forthcoming, though not on a daily basis. Feed back with regard to presentation or to faults, is of course welcomed and appreciated.
Best Regards
Rolf Hartvig-Hansen