Sailing in Scandinavia  
W1348-cruise from Malö, Sweden to Høvik west of Oslo.
Crew:  Dick Harrington, USWA,  Krist.T.Jensen(nextyoungest son)
 + Ken/K.H.Jensen(W1348"Maitken" W-Norway).
You haven't heard from me in a while and that is because I've been away sailing in Denmark , Sweden and Norway . I've been with the Scandinavian Wayfarers at the International Rally in Sweden . There were18 participants in attendance at the campground on the island Malö . This is an absolutely beautiful sceenic area , consisting of hundreds of islands interlaced with delightfully intricate inland passages . The waters are crystal clear and the rocky coast is dotted with ancient , tiny , postcard pretty fishing villages . Just imagine what fun it was to sail into one of these picturesque harbors , tie up to the wharf , have an ice cream and then go exploring  . In addition to the rally I was very fortunate to be invited on a one boat cruise from Sweden to Norway , which included sailing op the magnificent Oslo Fjord . It all has been a fantastic experience and will be a cherished memory as long as I live . The enjoyment I derived from being with Scandinavia Wayfarer sailors was very special indeed . I continue to be impressed at how dinghy sailing is such great pleasure and relaxation at so little cost . The camaraderie of Wayfarer sailors worldwide is wonderful to behold and I feel a strong responsibility to share my experiences with others . It is vitally important that we all share our experiences so that new people are able to see what's happening , gain the same enjoyment , and our numbers cotinue to grow .
Where does it all go.   Kris takes the helm.   Navigating the Sote-kanalen.
Approaching "Väderöerne"(The Weather Isles) under engine.   Landing at "Väderöerne" is tricky.   More impressive lighthouses at "Ursholmene" entering the Koster Skerries
We encounter many seals   Quite a nice cabin indeed.   .Långegjärde, Syd-Koster. Kris with wreck of old family fishing boat.
Shooting the bridge at Moss   .Right the DFDS-Seaways' ferry for Copenhagen; tricky sea and traffic! The island ahead is the Oscarsborg Fortress.   W1348 being emptied the day after arrival Høvik.
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