Wayfarer 7556 "Dylan"    

Belongs to Allan & Susan(Sue) Parry, UKWA , who are well known in Scandinavia for their frequent W-visits here: Camping, cruising, racing, and W-skiing in Norway. Naturally they have many WAYFARER-friends here.

W7556 arrived from Harwich - Esbjerg - Rantzausminde - Frederikshavn - Larvik to Vallų, with Ralph Roberts(W9885 wellknown W-World `gospel“singer)hiking from DK to Norway in order to sign on W1348/N1 as co-skipper.
Pictures taken by: Allan + Sue(A/S); Bo + Neel, W2042(B/N); Einar Tveito, W5140(ET); Gudtorm Heldal,W7172(GH); Ralph Roberts, (RR).  Text: Humbly presented by Ken, W1348 "Maitken".
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1. Photo Neel: At VALLŲ by the Outer Oslofjord making ready for the W-Int.Summercruise 2000. Sue inside the spacious Camper working hard to downsize for "Dylan", with mast still down, and Allan concentrated cruise-packing, while Bo, next to W1348, is ready to give a hand where needed.   2. Photo Sue: First stop at Lindholm Isle: "--now it“s stopped raining - much better!" From left Ken, RR and Allan.



  3. Photo Allan:  "Look - two skippers in one boat!!"

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4. Photo Sue: Shopping stop and lunch-break in VRENGEN using borrowed guest-parking. Furthest back B+N in W2042 "Fru Larsen".
  5. Photo Neel, who daringly climbed the rocks:  TALLAKSHAVN natural harbour and a most lovely place.

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6. Photo Neel:  ULA - W2042, W1348 and W7556 - shopping and lunch, and indeed a heavy rainshower caught Allan with his pants down or rather without oilskins! Onward: LARVIK S.C. next!   XL picture

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7. Photo B/N:  Interlude W-Norw.CH. 2000

(see: wayfarer.dk ). Mr. Organizer Gudtorm Heldal hands out  partaking-prizes to Grethe Jemterud(W5957) and Ken H. Jensen(W1348).

8. Photo B/N: Heading for the open sea leaving STAVERN(shopping town) and Larvik Fjord behind. Now 6 Ws  in company. Three joined from Larvik S.C. :  W239 "Woody" Irene & Poul Ammentorp(editor + chairman SWA),
        W4647/N4 Eivind Norrud and W 6791 "Wave-Dancer" Vibsen & Arne Stahlfest.
  Link also for : W 5140

Presentation + arrangement by W3353 Rolf Hartvig-Hansen.  Supported by Ken.