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Til Minde om Ken Damgaard jensen ,



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† 26. august 2011









In Memoriam - Termination of 55 years of dinghy-sailing .


 My dear son, Ken jr., or 'the younger'/ KTY of his W6141"Krinika"  is no longer with us - as has been announced earlier - above.


He was my dinghy sailing partner from his age of 3-4 years old, and a travelling companion through his 17 years' fight of his cancer-decease,  

which he fought bravely, day by day.  He was a very good sailing Seaman and managed sailing in the Parry Sound, Georgian Bay, Canada in the UK and Scandinavia as well as the Gulf of Siam.


During our last talk, speaking and joking in English as our very closeThai-ladyfriend, La-iad, was present, he rounded off in Danish looking straight at me saying: "Jah, thanks for visiting, and thanks for all !" That made me kind of wonder and struck me as special, but the next day he went into a coma, from where he never came back.


He was the last one, bar me, of the foundermembers of SWS/SWA being formed on the Swedish Island of VEN(Thyco Brahe, the stargazer's island) in the Sound on the 18th of AUG 1968.   Frank and Margaret Dye came sailing in W48 "Wanderer" from Esbjerg along the challenging Westcoast of Jutland through the Limfjord and Kattegat Sea to join us there - making the number of W.s a total of eleven present.


Many stories could be told, but one comes to my mind.  While sailing a light rainshower came about, so the babylift with his nine years younger brother - sleeping soundly - was placed under the foredecks out of harms way - so we thought!  When he woke up Ken jr. looked to him, then he turned to me with a shrewd and apologizing smile: "Wow, he is quite wet, but smiling happily!" The rain along the mast had dripped down upon him.


Ken t.y.'s  burial place is right here, as he wanted, in the seawater, abeam, East of Copenhagen Airport, where he had worked, and on the water sailed a lot. That area is now a very special place for me, and visited more often than a graveyard would ever have been.


When we approached the burial site a darkgrey windy shower, with a little rain,  passed, and then a lovely Western sunny afternoon sky, so very blue, appeared !  To the East a most colorful rainbow came forward ! Like Nature making a marvellous Cathedral for the event.  No better stage. 


Ken jr.'s wife, in the escorting keelboat of a close friend, Bent, wrote, when sending me the pictures: "Ken is back at Sea!"  


Defenitely so as the outflow, from the Baltic goes all the way past the southern part of Scandinavia, called the Coastal Current, and then along the Westcoast of Norway to beyond the Polar Circle and the Lofoten Isles where it cools down and joins the global circulation of seawater.


In W1348"Maitken" his daughter, son in law and the old salt, his father, who was given - by Ken t.y. - the task to make this ceremony come true.


Ken t.o., W1348"Maitken"


Ken på Oslofjord 050905.JPG

Ken Oslofjord


santorini ,dragør 2011 697-1.JPG

Øresund, Dragør


santorini ,dragør 2011 711-1.JPG

Øresund, Dragør